Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Onto New Zealand!!

The Ring of Fire trip, August 24th, 2013; Day Twenty-One of Thirty-Two.

In the morning, I was up early to catch my flight to New Zealand; a three hour hop over. Checking into the airport I went to check my bag as it was about thirty pounds and was tired of carrying it on. However, the lady helping me informed me that I did not get a bag to check for free with my airline ticket and it would cost $80! That’s insanely high. So, I told her I would just carry it on and she informed me that they would weigh it at the gait as well. I decided to chance it. Being thirty pounds over the carry on weight is no small thing to hide, but they didn’t even bat an eye as I walked onto the plane, one that had a few empty seats within a few rows of me. Once I landed I met up with my cousins (Patrick) in-laws who live in New Zealand. It’s great to have connections everywhere even if I hadn’t met them before. Patrick's wife, Joanne, set me up with a list of all sorts of stuff to do and said I could even stay with her parents on the farm.

Malcolm and Lorraine both came to the airport and then we went to get my rental car. It’s a small boxy Hyundai and gets okay gas mileage. The tricky part is that it is a manual and the blinkers and shifter are on opposite sides. I have already hit the windshield wipers many times when going for the turn signal. And they drive on the opposite side of the road! My head is spinning with trying to remember what side the driver side is on but was fine once I had been driving for a bit.

Malcolm drove out of the city of Auckland to the farm and we stopped along the way to get some delicious ice cream. I had a scoop of kiwi topped by a scoop of a berry mix and he had chocolate. Delicious. I knew that they lived on a farm but wasn’t aware of how far out there they actually were. We drove passed rolling hills and on dirt roads and finally pulled in. And, did I mention the sheep? They really were everywhere! The farm was a nice place with some great views (which I could not see at first because of fog). But, you could just tell it was lovely.

They also were hosting a couple from Israel that are my age. Shlomi and Roni had been traveling around New Zealand for around seven months and Roni was able to give me a bunch of tips of stuff I must see. She was going pretty crazy because I had such a small amount of time and it was all must sees. Anyways we worked out a plan while Shalome was out hunting turkeys. He seems to love go hunt and has gone spear fishing up and down the coasts. He ended up getting three turkeys. After a great dinner of new foods to me, some fresh from the farm, I had to get some sleep as I had been up since 5 am for my flight. You could tell they really loved the country.


My first day in New Zealand was quite short but I plan on hitting the road right away to experience all that the country has to offer! Stay tuned, it is about to get good!

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