Tuesday, October 25, 2016

My Last Day with Toby

The Ring of Fire, August 15th and 16th 2013; Days Twelve and Thirteen of Thirty-Two

This one of my longer posts and finishes off my time with Toby and Lisa:

Saturday was my last full day in Ubud. We again decided to take some of the day to recuperate from the trip. So, I finally took advantage of there infinity pool and relaxed on a gorgeous day outside. That day was the Independence day of Indonesia and we had to celebrate with a hash run. This run was an extra-long so we left a bit earlier to make time for the longer run. After two hours of running mostly up and down hills, across rice terraces (in which I would occasionally slip and plunge into a foot of mud), crossing multiple streams, grabbing a tree to pull myself up that ended up being prickly like a cactus, irritating my legs with some foreign plant, and of course getting slightly lost, the whole trail ended up being 10 km. It was expected to be at least 14–15 km. However, I was perfectly fine to sit back and enjoy some soda or beer, along with some addicting homemade chocolate. Man am I going to miss these hash runs. Hopefully I will be able to find some groups in my next destinations.

On the day i was leaving we began with a fun game of tennis with Toby. It was near 80 degrees and a beautiful day but water tasted ever so good between breaks. Toby was a mighty fine tennis player but I let him win of course. It was a great setup with little huts for the players and a judging sets if playing a match. Toby loved the underhand shot and was very quick on his feet. He used it surprisingly effectively and we had a great, albeit slightly one sided in score, match.

Afterwards, we went into town to check out a few shops and pick up some souvenirs. Once I was all packed and said my goodbyes, Toby and I jumped on the motor bike and headed for Kuta. Of course, there was a cremation that day and we ended up having to wait as this towering structure, so big they took power lines down for it, and carried by the people to it’s resting place where the body is removed and placed inside a cow to be burned. We were long gone before the burning but it was cool to see the tower nonetheless.

Anyways, the people in Bali are crazy drivers, mainly those on bikes. The cops enforce very little here so there is basically no speed limit, they weave in and out casually, pass anywhere and anytime possible, and often pull out in front of others, sometimes without looking. There is basically no right-of-way and its a free for all. It is surprising that the traffic flows fairly smoothly and there are relatively few accidents. Also, the whole drunk driving thing is nonexistent as they can drink and drive anytime they want. Cops have even assisted drunk drivers in starting there bikes if they can’t. Another funny rule is that if a tourist gets into an accident it is always there fault because “if they hadn’t been here it wouldn’t have happened.” Once we made it to Kuta, Toby helped me find a place to sleep for the night before we took off to tour around a little.

The famous surfing beach of Uluwatu was nearby so we sat on the cliffs watching these absurdly talented suffers ride waves in for hundreds of feet; probably for near 30 seconds a ride. They must be a strong surfer because the waves are big and there is coral under the water so falls can cut you up or worse. Professional events are often held here and its easy to see why people love the sport so much.

Afterwards, we went to the Uluwatu temple and observed one of the most stunning sunsets. The location was amazing as we sat and talked for near an hour while the sun dipped into the ocean. It is one that I will never forget and hold deep in my heart. Unfortunately, the sky grew dark and Toby had to head back to Ubud after we grabbed dinner for one last time.

Toby and Lisa were the best over the last 8 days and I am lucky to have such great family. I saw so many things and enjoyed every moment exploring or simply hanging out. If you know them, or don’t, they are great fun to visit and there is a plethora of activities to do a long as you have an adventurous side to you. Thanks for showing me a great time that I will never forget!

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