Saturday, October 8, 2016

Five Days to get to Bali

The Ring of Fire, August 5-7 2013; Day One through Three of Thirty-Two

The longest and greatest adventure of mine so far started by taking a flight from DC to LA on American Airlines. It was a long flight; five hours and not even a snack. Anyways, my Uncle Bruce and Cousins Amanda and Amber were gracious enough to show me around the LA area for the next two and a half days before my flight to Taiwan en route to Bali.

We got to see the Endeavour space shuttle and spend some time on the beach. The space shuttle is such an awesome machine. If you are ever in LA, go and see it. You will not regret doing so. This was the space shuttle that was being pulled by a truck in the infamous commercial (yes, it actually did get moved on a truck through the streets of LA!). They haven’t opened it to go inside of the shuttle but seeing a piece of history is neat no matter what.

There we other exhibits in the vicinity and we were able to view how see a flash flood occurred, heart surgery, and the space capsules from the very early flights. One of the coolest things to see was actually the development of a baby throughout the weeks. It was really fascinating to see the different stages and miracle that happens over the nine months. Plus all this is right next to USC and the Coliseum, which is cool even if you’re not a fan.

The day after seeing the space shuttle I was able to go to the beach and try surfing. In the end I wasn’t very successful and want to try again with a training board, not a speed board. A training board is a big piece of foam shaped like a surf board and a speed board is about half the size and requires experience to really be able to use it. As you can tell, a newbie would not be able to use a speed board off the start.

The last day (the day of my flight), we met up with my aunt Karen (the mother of my cousin Toby and Lisa, whom I’m staying with in Bali) and went to the Santa Monica Pier. There were tons of rides and a massive beach with countless volleyball nets. If only I could play there all day!

Alas after a little bit of fun in the sun I had a long flight to catch. It was thirteen hours to Taiwan and with the time change it would mean i started traveling to Bali on Monday and will arrive in Bali on a Friday.

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