Tuesday, September 27, 2016

10 Reasons to Date a Traveler

Travelers are a special breed of people and are some of the most fun people you will know. We may go away for weeks, or even months, at a time but have and acquire many great qualities why we are off on our escapades as well. Below are the top ten qualities you can expect in a traveler to possess and how they will translate to your daily life.


We are an adventurous bunch by nature to go away to a new place for weeks at a time (sometimes months if you are really fortunate) and know how to find new and fun activities. By extension, we are never one to take you on the same date more than once; we like to explore new places and try new things. Adventure and spontaneity are our calling card and you can sure as heck bet that is perceived in our personal lives when we are not traveling.


Traveling when you are young is easy as you have the energy for late nights and early morning. Travelers know how tap into their energy and get the most out of the day. We love to extend the day and make the most out of it. Our energy is contagious and others will surely feel the vibes when around us. Sometimes it will push you past your own limits but rarely will you regret hiking the mountain late in the day in time for the sunset or exploring “just around the corner” as I like to say (it is my favorite saying to convince people to go a little bit farther).


We trust other travelers. Sometimes, we trust them with in a few minutes of meeting them. Maybe not to the degree you would trust someone back at home but we are able to pick up on other people quickly. Trust is a huge factor in making friends with other travelers as you can have as little as a few hours to create a connection or sometimes days. Travelers can see right through a ruse and will only associate with those back at home (when we have more time) that are worth their time and trust. The initial trust is the key to getting to know us better.


Exploring a new place is as much about the sights as it is the people you connect with and the friends that you make along the way. Travelers are commonly outgoing and friendly; they are looking to meet people just as much as you. While some could see this as a bad asset if you are dating someone, I think the contrary.  The traveler will have friends from many countries and people to visit if they go there but they will also be able to make friends locally; or at least be friendly to people. We have no issue with going up to someone and striking up a friendly conversation. This can open doors to new adventures and recommendations of places that you “must see”. We enjoy meeting new people from all over.

Easy Going and Optimistic

Travelers are able to make friends easily as we are easy going and have an open mind. Our optimism breads confidence that others around are also interested in making new friends from around the world. This mentality is fantastic as we almost always have a positive outlook on events. Whether you’re blue due to recent events or a pessimistic or realistic person, the traveler will bring out the positive side in things. We believe that things will work out and be fine in the end. These two qualities will be an asset in relationship as they provide comfort to the other person.

The Connection

It is tough when we go away for weeks at a time but this can be a time for the relationship to grow even more. While away, the person will show how much the like you throughout the trip by the little things they say or send you. A traveler will not miss a moment to call you or send you a text when they are able to – even if they can only talk for a short period. If we like you, you will know it even when we are away.


We will bring back some of the most beautiful pictures of places that we visited but will wish that you could have been right next to us. The stories and images will be grand and the excitement flowing from our lips. From the late nights to the epic hikes, we will want to share as much as we can and bring you into our trips. Our adventures (dates) will be grander as aim for better and more romantic heights.

Smart with Money

You can’t travel, for long at least, if you don’t have the funds to make it possible. We know how to save up our money for a trip instead of going out and partying all the time (not to mention the health benefits of that decision). Saving is a big part of a traveler and while it might be to spend it in the future, we are able to make those goals and reach them regularly. This translates well to a relationship when you are ready to make those big purchases. Although it could be seen as cheap (I prefer smart) with the money, we are not wasters and appreciate the value of a dollar.

Travel Expert

Travelers know the ins and outs of travel; it is what we do. We will happily talk travel day and night to let you know all of the tips and tricks we have picked up along the way. From planes, subways, bus routes and how to hail a cab in all the different places, we know the best routes or can find them in a jiffy. Travelers feel comfort in a plane seat on the way to the next destination and will make sure you as best prepared as possible when on your own trip (even if it is a short road trip).  


Lastly, the traveler would love to share in the adventure with you and take you with! This starts by having adventurous dates and on to fun day trips. It is not hard to see that dating a traveler will lead the chance of becoming a traveler of you own one day. They will want to “show you the world” and share in their excitement to see something remarkable to become a part of the stories you hear over and over again.

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