Saturday, August 20, 2016

A Short Drive

Maine & Nova Scotia, June 2015; Day One of Eight

My sister, Dawn, and I planned an epic 8-day long road trip from Maryland to Nova Scotia. The plan was to do some hiking, whale watching, see some amazing scenery, and hopefully see a moose. Dawn drove up from DC Friday night and we left just after 7 AM on Saturday morning, in hopes of beating some of the shore traffic.

After 11 hours, very little traffic, and a few needed (but long) stops we made it to Acadia National Park, 630 miles away in Maine. We could have made the trek in less time but we stopped a few times to pick up food and other forgotten items; which will inevitably happen when you are packing everything into the car at midnight. My sisters’ Impreza was a champ.

The sweet smell of salt water greeted us in Bar Harbor: an awesome little town located on the edge of Acadia and the heart of Desert Island, Maine. The place was in full swing on Saturday night and many places were open to eat and enjoy the atmosphere.

After walking around a bit, we found an Irish bar and ordered some burgers, beers, and some stew while taking in the Canada vs. England soccer game. The bars/pubs in the New England offer a much more relaxed and chill environment. You will often see people sitting around tables, enjoying (not chugging) beers, and playing a game of sorts.

Cribbage is one of the common games, along with a new one I saw at this place, called Shut the Box or Canoga; there are many other names for it but we did not attempt to play. After dinner we still had to locate our campsite but was able to do so with ease, making it to the Blackwoods campground and setting up the tent for the night. Needless to say, we slept well after traveling all day.

To be continued...
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